Baobab Fruit Powder

.Improves Overall Health
.Supports Weight Loss
.Boosts Energy Levels
.From Only £4.99

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PandaVita Organic Baobab Powder

Pure, Organic Fruit Powder

Sweet, Citrusy Taste
Increases Mental Alertness

Lifts Mood & Reduces Stress
Naturally Raises Energy Levels
Beautifies Skin & Slows Ageing Process
Improves Digestive System

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PandaVita Organic Baobab Powder

Packed With Nutrients

More vitamin C than oranges
More calcium than milk & maca powder
More potassium than bananas
More antioxidants than blueberries
More fibre than apples & chia seeds
More iron than spinach

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PandaVita Organic Baobab Powder

Powerful Benefits

Supports Weight Loss
Helps Manage Blood Sugar Levels
Maintains Bone Strength
Reduces Blood Pressure
Strengthens Immune System

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PandaVita Organic Baobab Powder

The Perfect Ingredient

You can add baobab to anything!
Stir into water
Mix with smoothies, juices or shakes
Sprinkle onto cereal or desserts

Add to baked foods, yoghurts or porridge
Eat on its own, as a healthy sherbet

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Raw, Natural & Unprocessed

100% Organic & Natural
No preservatives or additives
Free from dairy, gluten & added sugar
Suitable for children & pregnant women
Suitable for vegetarians/vegans

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PandaVita Organic Baobab Powder

Our Guarantee

100% Money-back guarantee
Don't like our baobab? We'll refund you!
5% of our profits go to a panda charity

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