10 Amazing Baobab Powder Benefits

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Baobab has a multitude of benefits for your body, mind and soul. Baobab fruits have hard shells, almost like coconuts, which are then cracked open to reveal fruit pulp which consists of the powder and seeds. Organic baobab powder is the pure, raw form which naturally dehydrates inside the fruit and is what is contained inside our kraft-paper pouches. Find more information on the baobab process here. Continue onward for 10 amazing benefits of baobab.

1) Antioxidants

Organic baobab powder contains more antioxidants than any other 'superfood' or fruit. To give you an idea of the incredible antioxidant content, gram-per-gram it has over 2x more antioxidants than goji berries and more than blueberries and pomegranates combined.

2) Supports Weight Loss

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Baobab powder contains vitamin C and is also packed with fibre. These, along with a healthy, balanced diet, help you to lose weight.

3) It is 100% Natural

The fact baobab powder is dried naturally inside the fruit means that, unlike other powdered foods, there is no heat or pasteurisation necessary to create it! That means it is 100% natural and unprocessed.

4) Reduces Blood Pressure

reduce blood pressure

According to an analysis of years of research by Johns Hopkins scientists, vitamin C can moderately reduce your blood pressure.

5) Baobab helps to maintain healthy bones and teeth

healthy teeth

Due to its high calcium and vitamin C content, organic baobab powder is essential in helping you to maintain your bones and teeth.

6) It Is Packed With Nutrients

Not many people know this, but baobab powder is bursting with all kinds of nutrients. There really is nothing like it. 

Organic baobab powder has:

  • more vitamin C than oranges
  • more calcium than milk and maca powder
  • more potassium than bananas
  • more antioxidants than blueberries
  • more fibre than apples and chia seeds
  • more iron than spinach

7) Rejuvenates your skin

Organic baobab powder contains vitamin C which helps the body produce collagen that supports healthy skin to prevent ageing.

Baobab is also bursting with antioxidants; these are essential for supporting the ageing process of the skin - particularly over the long-term. This is because antioxidants protect the body from free radicals which cause skin dryness, wrinkles and premature ageing.

8) Improves Digestive Health

Fibre is found in organic baobab powder, which makes up 50% of it! It can improve the health of your digestive system. The fibre in baobab powder mostly soluble fibre. Up to 75% of the fibre consists of soluble fibre, which slows down the process of absorption of certain food constituents, such as sugar and fats, etc.

The other 25 percent of the fibre in baobab powder consists of insoluble fibre. This is known to help prevent digestive problems. Baobab powder has more fibre than apples or chia seeds.

9) Raises Energy Levels

raise energy levels

Baobab powder raises your energy levels due to the high vitamin C content.

Researchers at the National Institutes of Health reported that fatigue was one of the first signs of vitamin C depletion. In one study, 44 workers received 6 grams of vitamin C daily. After two weeks, their fatigue had decreased by almost one-third. This means that it is important to get your daily intake of vitamin C.

One serving of our organic baobab powder gives your 33% of your daily intake.

10) It Is 100% Organic

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Although not all baobab powder is 100% organic, however, ours is. This ensures that what you see on our label is what you get.

We never decided to become organic for marketing hype or to save money (it actually costs us more); we became organic to prove to you that we care about the environment as well as making sure what goes into your bodies is of the purest, most natural and highest quality possible.

For us to become organic we had to pass stringent tests from OF&G Organic to prove that our baobab powder, from harvest to consumer, is of an incredibly high standard when it comes to sustainability and integrity. We make sure every product we send out is in perfect condition and is exactly what we say it is.

baobab fruit powder

Buying organic is an easy way of knowing the product's ingredients were produced without the use of toxic pesticides, genetically modified organisms (GMOs), sewage sludge or irradiation.

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