10 Simple Steps To A Happier, Healthier Lifestyle

Guest Post by Beth Martel

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Are you satisfied with the way you are leading your life? By having a few good eating habits and a little bit physical activity every day, we start to believe that we are leading a healthy lifestyle. But do you ever ask yourself if it is all that takes to be called "healthy?"

Recent research showed how less number of adults are leading a healthy lifestyle. A study that I read in Archives of Internal Medicine showed that merely 3% of all the adults present in America are leading a lifestyle that is healthy. There are a few considerations which tell you where you stand when it comes to living a healthy and happy life.

The following are ten simple steps you can use to self-analyse and see where you lack in leading a healthy lifestyle:

Step 1: Oral Hygiene


Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is one of the most important factors that play a great role in keeping you healthy. Therefore, make sure you do not only brush and floss daily but also give your dentist a visit every three months to maintain the health of your teeth and gums. Also, avoid candies and sweets that get stuck to the teeth and cause tooth decay. Use a mouth freshener every morning in addition to brushing and flossing to keep the mouth smell good. Doing so has a great impact on physical health.

Step 2: Get Proper Sleep


Get Proper Sleep

Sleeping at least 8 to 9 hours is crucial to keeping yourself physically and mentally active. People who take enough rest at night manage their stress well and also have a better appetite than those who do not sleep enough at night. According to a study, lack of sleep can create an imbalance in the hormones that make us feel hungry and therefore, restless people either tend to be more obese or too weak.

Step 3: Laugh More


Laugh More

We all have heard this famous phrase that laughter is the best medicine which is 100% correct. Laughing more often keeps your attitude more positive towards everything and helps you cope with situations with more ease which otherwise make you go crazy. Therefore, make sure you smile at everybody, watch some comedy shows, play with kids or do something that brings more joy to you.

Step 4: Try Meditation and Yoga


Try Meditation and Yoga

Meditation is an ultimate way to relax your nerves and build more patience and balance in your soul. It is kind of an exercise for the soul which keeps it healthy. Relaxing your mind and giving 10 to 15 minutes each day to yourself in isolation is necessary to keep your mind and soul at peace. You can also take a long hike on the weekend and find a spot with nature all around to meditate. Yoga and meditation give your mind a great treat if they are done outdoors. Also, do a little breathing exercise whenever you are stressed. It helps you relax and calms your nerves. Keeping yourself calm is paramount for your mental health and happiness.

Step 5: Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family


Spend Quality Time with Friends and Family

Keeping a healthy routine involves spending quality time with family, and there can be no better time than dinner or lunchtime. Gathering around the table together for dinner regularly allows the parents to set a good example for kids and improves the nutrition intake of the whole family. Staying connected with your family and friends is a necessary element of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, do meet your friends or make a call if you are busy. Exchange presents to show care and love towards them.

Step 6: Eat Healthy Food


Eat Healthy Food

Eating healthy is one of the important things to follow if you want a healthy way of living. Eliminate sugary drinks and greasy foods from your diet. Begin to take more vegetables and fruit smoothies that will keep your digestive system happy. Avoid overly spicy food that causes inflammation and indigestion. Cut down on added sugar and go for naturally sweet food such as fruit, honey and the like.

Step 7: Quit Smoking and Excessive Drinking


Quit Smoking and Excessive Drinking

If you have a habit of smoking or excessive drinking, quit for the sake of long healthy and happy life. Smoking can reduce the span of life and cause incurable diseases like cancer which is no secret. Keep reminding yourself how it is ruining your health and ask your friends and family to do so too. Take up some activity to keep yourself busy and away from smoking. Doing so will help you at least reduce the habit.

Step 8: Keep Your Body Posture Right


Body Posture

Body posture and movement matter a lot when it comes to being and looking healthy. Upright position ensures a healthy shape of the body for the long term, and the person begins to feel more fresh, healthy and confident with an upright posture. Always think how you must stay straight and tight when you are walking or standing, this will help you stay conscious and prevent you from slouching and leaning.

Step 9: Show Kindness and Empathy


Kindness and Empathy

Staying mentally healthy has a lot to do with the attitude you have towards others. Helping others and being kind helps you have a positive mind. Empathise with others and do one act of kindness daily so that you have good vibes throughout the day. For instance, visit a sick neighbour with flowers or help your spouse with their work or make a poor eat at a restaurant.

Step 10: Get Regular Doctor Checkups


Doctor Check-up

Visit your doctor for regular check-ups. Regular check-ups help you keep track of any deficiencies or problems that you must respond to without any delay. Such check-ups are essential if you or your family have been carrying certain diseases in blood. Also, do look out for signs of weakness like cravings, hair-fall, brittle nails and white marks and immediately respond to the deficiency by taking supplements after taking the advice of your doctor.

Final Thoughts


Following the above steps will ensure a healthy and happy life. These points seem obvious, but a lot of us sacrifice them or forget them too often. Keep a checklist for yourself or maintain a journal so that you are conscious about the activities you do and how they are affecting your life. I wish you all a happy and healthy life!

This blog post was written by Beth Martel

Beth is a mother of two, a medical professional and a humanitarian. She blogs at HealthyRecharge.com

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