4 Wonderful Health Benefits of Organic Food

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More and more people are switching to organic foods due to the many benefits it offers. Organic foods are grown without the help of synthetic chemicals such as fertilisers, insecticides, pesticides, and herbicides.

Since organic produce isn't grown without using hormones and sprays, you can be assured that these harmful chemicals won’t accumulate in your body.

Health Benefits 

Herbicides, fertilisers, pesticides and fungicides are applied generously to non-organic food, leaving a residue on the produce that sometimes penetrates the skin as well. Washing the food doesn’t remove all of the chemicals.

Organic food is grown without using harmful chemicals. You also don’t need to worry about toxic running off from the farms and polluting the waters.

Organic animals lead a healthier life compared to commercially farmed animals. Instead of living in a cage, organic animals are permitted to graze in fields with clean surroundings and water.

They don’t need to be injected with antibiotics to survive. Aside from this, organic animals are not given chemicals or hormones. This means that you don’t need to worry about ingesting meat packed with chemicals.

Better Taste 

Organic foods tend to be more flavorful, juicier and sweeter. These foods are grown in fertile soil, so organic produce is rich in nutrients and flavour.

Since organic produce is usually grown closer to home, they tend to be fresher compared to imported non-organic food. Organic food tends to spoil faster as it doesn’t have any preservatives, but it’s still a much better alternative non-organic produce.

Organic farming also improves the soil by using manure and compost as well as through crop rotation.

Adherence to Strict Regulations

Organic farms have to meet strict guidelines in their farming methods. If there’s a certified organic label on the food you are eating, you’re assured that the food has been carefully grown and its source has been certified and inspected by an Organic Certification Body.

Reduced Risk of Diseases

Eating more organic food reduces the risk of certain types of cancer as these foods don’t contain harmful chemicals, unlike non-organic produce. The unhealthy farming methods used in commercial farming increase the risk of food allergies.

Raising your kids on organic produce can also reduce the risk of developing food allergies and improve their overall health.

Organic food may be a little more expensive, but its benefits far outweigh the cost. You will feel better about the food you are eating while helping to support local farmers and do your part in preserving the environment.

The food will also taste better. If you want to enjoy a healthier life and live longer, it won’t hurt to go organic and try our baobab powder. We are certified organic in the UK by OF&G ORGANIC.

Organic baobab powder comes from the baobab fruit which often called a superfruit due to the high amount of nutrients it contains. Baobab contains a lot of antioxidants, B vitamins, iron, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C.

You can read more about the top health benefits of baobab powder.Organic baobab powder is 100% organic and natural, making it perfect for

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Organic baobab powder is 100% organic and natural, making it perfect for vegans, vegetarians and those who are following a raw food diet or whole food lifestyle. It can help lower the risk of cancer and heart diseases. Go organic and live a healthier life.


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