5 Health Benefits of Organic & Natural Products

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

5 Health Benefits of Organic & Natural Products

There used to be a time when humans as a species existed as just another part of nature and not its self-proclaimed ruler who merely tolerates nature's existence.

There used to be a time when humans as a species did not think we could improve on what nature has provided us with chemicals, additives and processes that all but destroy everything that is good about the nutrients and other products that come from nature.

Luckily, some of us still understand that this is not the way to go and we like to keep things organic and natural. The following 5 health benefits are the main reasons.

1. More Nutrients

Our bodies need a whole array of nutrients to function properly, but unfortunately, all of the unnatural and often aggressive farming and processing methods destroy much of the nutrients you would usually find in foods.

Some time ago, The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine published a review of a number of studies which showed that organic fruits, vegetables and grains provide much more nutrient content than foods grown and processed using modern practices.

Not only will you be healthier, but you will also have no need to supplement your diet due to lack of nutrients.

2. Avoiding Pollutants

The amount of pollutants that we tolerate in foods today is simply unreal. Even before they start their journey, crops are modified genetically in order to achieve better yield and, in most cases, it does not matter if this has any negative effects on the end product.

From there on, the crops are (mis)treated with one chemical compound after another, all serving the simple goal of making more money. Our meat is no better, with animals being stuffed with antibiotics, hormones and so on.

By eating organically, you know that your foods are not going to be polluted and that your family be healthy and safe thanks to clean eating.

3. Better Figure

While the main benefit of staying organic and natural will be better health, we must also not forget about the fact that eating such products will also help you stay slim.

Namely, much of the excess weight is caused directly and indirectly by the various toxins that we ingest as part of our diet.

Organic foods act as detox agents in such situations, promoting a healthy digestive system and ensuring we are not putting on weight without actually eating too much.

4. Improved Mood

The world we live in is a stressful one, and most of us feel under some kind of pressure for the most part of our days. A big part of this are the products that do not sit well with our bodies and that throw our hormonal and neurotransmitter balance out of whack.

Through using natural and organic products, we can restore this balance and improve our mood dramatically. The best thing is that you can start off your family as early as you wish, like for instance with calming natural baby products that will ensure your young ones are as stress-free as nature intended them to be.

5. Better Sleep

There is nothing that can ruin a person's health like lack of sleep. Sleeping regularly and peacefully is one of the cornerstones of good health, and this is where natural and organic products can be of tremendous help.

A light dinner made with organic baobab powder will ensure that you are not overstimulated and that your digestive system is not having to work overtime. Lavender has been a natural sleeping aid for years.

There are also plenty of natural creams and products that can further help you relax and benefit from a good night's sleep.

Your health and the health of your loved ones should not be taken lightly.

Going organic and natural is no longer optional.


Blog post written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fitness and health writer at Ripped.me, living between London and Brisbane. Besides writing, he is a total organic living devotee! Follow Peter on Twitter for more health and fitness tips.

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