5 Ways To Get Baobab Into Your Food

Guest post by Natalie Redmond

Baobab. Heard of it before? Neither had I until now. The Baobab is an icon of the African savannah. Majestic in size, this bears the fruit that you see available on this very site. Baobab is a 100% natural and organic superfood, and like most superfoods, it’s rich in nutrients that every modern-day health enthusiast wants to implement into their lifestyle.

The baobab tree itself not only produces the fruit but it also has a variety of other uses. For example, the bark regenerates itself and is stewed and used by the local citizens to wash newborn babies. The trunk of the tree is hollow which provides a suitable home for bats, snakes and even humans. I think this is probably one of the most impressive forms of nature I’ve come across.

baobab trees

So why is it a superfood? Well, it’s the only fruit in the world that dries on the branch and therefore is exceptionally high in nutrients that can have a broad range of health and beauty benefits, with it previously being linked to being able to fight diabetes. The fruit is also high in fibre, potassium, magnesium, iron and more, so it really does put the 'super' in 'superfood'.

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Superfoods have ended up getting mixed reviews, as many people have got mixed up in the hype believing that these ‘superfoods’ can change the damage that has already been done. More often now, more foods have been given the superior title and at the end of the day, eating more of these superfoods can only be good for you and your body.

Baobab fruit has a sweet and citrusy flavour which means that it’s very versatile for using in different food groups. PandaVita sells Baobab fruit powder in three different sizes so make sure you check out their shop. They come in 50g, 100g and 250g. With it being rich in Vitamin C, it contributes to normal energy release, immune function and providing you with healthy and glowing skin. It also contains more antioxidants than any other whole fruit. So how can we implement this into our food? Well here’s five ways you can!


Whatever the season, the Baobab powder is completely versatile. Using it in porridges and oats helps you avoid using the sweet stuff like sugar and honey. Check out this yummy Baobab Porridge Bowl recipe.

Baobab Porridge Bowl recipe

It’s super simple and takes minutes to mix and heat up. Porridge is perfect for the on-the-go socialite and knowing you’ll have the extra boost of nutrients in your breakfast will set you up for the rest of the day.

Sprinkling the powder on top of yoghurt and fruit is also another alternative for a breakfast option and perhaps even mixing it with hot water or with a herbal tea is enough in case you have to skip breakfast - don’t make this a regular thing, though!


salmon and baobab powder

Salmon would certainly be a good fish to compliment the powder. Mixing the powder with a little bit of olive oil and brushing it over the fish before it goes into the oven would be a great way of adding more flavour. Chucking the sweet and citrusy salmon on top of a salad or mixed vegetables would make a healthy lunch even healthier!


gammon and baobab powder

Thinking more about the combination of sweet and citrus, gammon is normally topped with a pineapple ring. This powder again, like the salmon meal, would be perfect for brushing over the gammon. Some are put off by the texture of pineapple fruit so the powder is one that won’t put you off and it won’t spoil like fruits if you decide not to use it until a later period.


Baobab and Coconut Snowball Bites

This is where you can get creative with the powder as baking can provide an excellent collection of both healthy and indulgent snacks. Just like this Strawberries and Cream Dream Cake, the powder adds the natural sweetness rather than the massive amount of sugar that normally go into baking cakes and sweet treats. Bite-sized snacks are also very popular especially when they can be easily consumed without the need for cutlery! Try out these festive Baobab and Coconut Snowball Bites and if coconut isn’t your preference, replace it with something else. Perhaps some naughty chocolate drops can accidently fall into the mix...


Smoothies are more preferred in the summer when the UK collectively gets their shorts out in the hopes that they’ll at least see an hour’s rays over the course of a few months. And what better way than to get your health kick, than through smoothies. Doubling up on superfood and fruit/vegetables can only benefit your immune system, making you feel more energetic and healthy, both inside and out.

Tropi-Kale Baobab

Taking smoothies on the go whether that’s on the morning commute or during a workout at the gym can be an alternative to coffee or caffeine based beverages. Smoothies are super easy to make, and recipes like Baobab and Blueberry just get the taste buds salivating! It certainly makes sense pairing the powder up with blueberries as they are both very rich in antioxidants. More adventurous smoothies like the Tropi-Kale Baobab means there’s a smoothie out there to suit everyone's tastes.

Baobab powder is certainly a superfood that’s easily digestible and allows you to get creative no matter the dish! Baobab fruit hasn’t always been available in the UK and apparently, science suggests that the trees the fruit grows on are thousands of years old. So?! Well it’s a young and relatively new superfood, so what are you waiting for? Jump on the superfood bandwagon and try it out.


This Post was Written by Natalie Redmond

Natalie Redmond

Natalie is a 24-year-old blogger living in London. Her lifestyle blog www.upyourvlog.com covers all aspects including Beauty, Fashion, Fitness and Health. She also discusses personal topics and issues close to her heart. She loves reading books and is never found without one in her handbag. Make sure you follow her on Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates on her blog.

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