5 Ways to Restore Your Post-Surgery Health

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

5 Ways to Restore Your Post-Surgery Health

Any invasive treatment, no matter how harmless, leaves your short-term health compromised. Now, while it would be absurd to compare a major surgery with a minor procedure, both of them can prevent you from doing some mundane tasks in weeks (or even months to come). Because of this, post-surgery recovery should be your number one goal. Here are several tips how to trick your body into healing itself at a faster pace.

1. Pre-Surgery Preparation

Pre-Surgery Preparation

In rare situations, you will be sent to the operating room in a blink of an eye. In most cases, you will be put on a list and scheduled for a surgery few weeks (or even months) in advance. First, you need to prepare yourself mentally, because, for a lot of people, this can be a traumatising experience. It is also highly advisable to quit smoking and avoid the use of alcohol. This will strengthen your immune system and give your body a great head start. If you expect to be incapacitated for a period-of-time afterwards, it might also be a good idea to get someone to help you around.

2. Adjust Your Diet

Adjust Your Diet

No matter what your dietary habits are, in the aftermath of surgery, you will have to adjust to a new regimen. For starters, it would be a good idea to start eating fibre. Seeing how a lot of people face problems with constipation after surgery, it would also be smart to avoid foods which could make things worse. For example, dried fruit, sweets and dairy products. This means that you will need to find another source of calcium, and baobab powder is a perfect alternative.

3. Vitamins and Supplements

organic baobab powder

In order to further enhance your post-surgery recovery efforts, you might want to consider taking some supplements and vitamins in addition to your regular dietary regimen. Vitamin C, K and E are most vital, and you can get them in both natural form and from pills.

4. Keep Up with Appointments

Keep Up with Appointments

Even with the most standard procedure and even if the surgery was a complete success, things might get a bit more complicated further down the line. This is why it is of vital significance that you keep going to your regular appointments. Here, you will get feedback from your doctor on how your recovery is going. If there is any problem, this will ensure it is recognised in time. It is also paramount that you follow instructions given by your physician to the letter.

5. Check Your Incision

Finally, although you are not a doctor, it only takes a few seconds of your time to check your incision, and this is something you should regularly do. Seeing how it can be vital for your healing and it isn’t at all time consuming, you should check every day, or even a few times a day. You are on the lookout for wound drainage, change in colour and the state of the stitches. If you notice anything suspicious, you need to inform your physician about it as soon as possible.


By taking these few steps of precaution, you can significantly facilitate your post-surgery recovery. As a matter of fact, some of these tips, like those about changing your lifestyle, switching to a healthier diet and using supplementation, are worth adhering to even after you have completely recovered. This way, your surgery (even if minor) can radically change your life for the better.

Blog post written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fitness and health writer at Ripped.me, living between London and Brisbane. Besides writing, he is a total organic living devotee! Follow Peter on Twitter for more health and fitness tips.

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