Baobab Body Butter

Guest Post by Madelene Einarsson

epoch baobab body butter pandavita

I have been using Nu Skin's Epoch Baobab Body Butter for a while now and I have to say I just love it. This delicious cream smooths and softens your skin. It is so easy to apply and absorbs in an instant. On top of that, it smells so lovely, you almost feel like eating it!

Baobab Body Butter contains fruit from the beautiful Baobab tree and is high in protective antioxidants. This moisturising fruit extract helps reduce dry skin, improve the skin’s appearance and condition skin for long-lasting moisturising.

Baobab Body Butter also contains shea butter for a more toned looking skin and macadamia nut oil to help maintain the skin’s water barrier functions.

With this combination, Nu Skin has nailed it. I have tried many different moisturisers but never got this kind of results before.

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On top of that, I found more ways to use Baobab Body Butter! I don´t think any of us appreciate mosquitoes in the summer. I love sitting outside on warm summer evenings enjoying dinner with family and friends.

Unfortunately, sometimes the mosquitoes are so annoying that I have to go inside, so I don't get eaten. In the past, my friends would use mosquito spray with irritating chemicals which made it hard to breathe, so I cannot and will not use it.

But, I now found an excellent way to keep the mosquitoes away. Once I have applied the Baobab Body Butter the mosquitoes don't come near me. There´s just something about it that they don´t like. And no one could be happier than me.

Trust me; I know what it´s like when mosquitoes just love you. When I was younger I had to go to the doctor, and they had never seen anything like it! I was bitten so badly that there were wounds all over my body!

But not anymore, not when I have my Baobab Body Butter on anyway. I have also found that it is soothing and calming when I am sunburned. I'm sure there are more ways to use this product, so I will keep on exploring that!



One other thing I love about this product is in addition to taking care of my skin; I´m contributing to the world too. For every sold product $0,25 is donated to what is called ”The Force for Good Foundation”.

This is a non-profit organisation with a mission to create a better world with most projects directed towards children. And on top of that, for every jar sold, a tree is planted in Africa. Feels good to be able to make a difference.

To summarise, I can highly recommend Baobab Body Butter for healthy looking skin and a luxurious feeling. It has truly become one of my top favourites in the bathroom.

epoch baobab body butter pandavita


  • Delivers all day moisturization for supple, healthy-looking skin.
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants.
  • Reduces dry skin.
  • Promotes softer, smoother, and more toned looking skin.
  • Enhances the resiliency of skin over time.
  • Conditions naturally with skin beneficial ethnobotanicals.
  • Moisturizes skin of all ages.


  • Baobab Fruit Pulp Extract (adansonia digitata pulp extract)— a natural humectant and emollient, this moisturising fruit extract reduces dry skin, improves the skin’s appearance, and conditions skin for long-lasting moisturization.
  • Shea Butter—a rich emollient that enhances the skin’s natural barrier functions and increases moisture levels.
  • Macadamia Nut Oil—high in monounsaturated fatty acids, this moisturising oil closely resembles sebum (oil naturally produced by the skin for moisture and protection), is quickly absorbed by the skin, and helps maintain the skin’s water barrier functions.

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