Baobab: What You Need To Know

Here, we have provided essential information about Baobab. If you're curious about the magnificent baobab trees and fruit, then carry on reading.

The Baobab Trees

baobab trees

Organic Baobab Powder is derived from the magnificent Baobab trees, fondly known as the ‘upside down tree’, or the ‘Tree of Life, cultivated on organic reserves in Ghana, Africa. The tree also grows in Australia, Malawi, Madagascar, and Arabia.

Africans have for centuries, indulged in the excellent health benefits of this natural product. The Baobab tree is believed to be the longest-living tree on earth, with evidence suggesting that some trees have survived for over 2000 years.

The tree is also known for its significant water content, and some trees are believed to hold up to 120,000 litres of rainwater in the large trunk, this, in turn, provides a crucial source of water for local African people, particularly during the dry season.

The Baobab Fruit Pulp

baobab fruit pulp

The Baobab fruit is harvested by hand, between May and September. The fruit is pollinated by fruits bats and has a smooth, tactile outer skin, the inner pulp is white, with kidney-shaped inner seeds.

The powdery fruit pulp, which naturally dehydrates in the shell, is obtained once the hard outer shell is cracked open, a process of milling then generates both a course and fine powder.

The Baobab fruit pulp became accepted into the United Kingdom in 2008, following approval by European Union food regulators. In the preceding years, the product’s benefits and popularity have grown at a substantial rate.

The Baobab Powder

organic baobab powder

Organic Baobab Powder is becoming increasingly popular, owing to its widely recognised health benefits. The powder contains a plethora of beneficial components, including:

Additional to these known components, Organic Baobab Powder is recognised to:

  • Be free from both gluten and lactose
  • Be entirely free of additives or filler products
  • Have substantial levels of dietary fibre
  • Be perfectly suitable for those observing a vegetarian, vegan or raw food diet

The benefits of these are boundless, and once tried, many users report a reluctance to stop using the powder due to its positive impact.

For those who like to overindulge in coffee, caffeinated fizzy drinks, or alcohol, Organic Baobab Powder will be sure to align the body’s alkaline levels, generating a stability to ‘normal’ levels required for the body to function efficiently.

There are recognised benefits when it comes to managing dehydration, can be sought by adding the powder to water. There are many ways in which the powder can be incorporated into the diet.

These include; adding to fruit smoothies and fruit juices; adding to recipes when baking, or simply sprinkling over the top of cereal or yoghurt. There are many other ways to enjoy the benefits of the product directly in your dietary intake.

Baobab powder is recognised, by those who use it regularly, to increase energy levels. For those who like to workout and exercise, add the powder to water, without leaving clumps and residue, and drink as you go.

Pandavita organic baobab powder

The calcium content of the organic Baobab powder is higher than that of milk. It is also has a higher amount of antioxidants than any other fruit on the planet.

As a result of these natural components of the powder, it is also commonly enjoyed by pregnant women and children, with no concerns raised about impacts on health or wellbeing.

To date, there has been no evidence reported to suggest that the powder has been linked to any allergic reactions following its use.

The fantastic boost this product gives to the body’s immune system means that people opt to use Baobab powder when wishing to fend off seasonal bugs and ailments.

Baobab products, including the organic powder, are fast becoming recognised as a ‘Super Food’ as a direct result of its broad nutrient profile, and as a result, information and products are becoming more readily available.

For example, you can purchase our organic baobab powder here (get 10% off with the discount code 10OFF).

Customer testimonies for available baobab products, which are fast-growing, indeed indicate that the Baobab powder offers positive benefits to those who choose to try it, with many relying on it as a staple part of their dietary intake.

In 2013, the online newspaper publication '' published an article praising the benefits of the Baobab fruit, and its links to the management of diabetes, as a result of reducing the body’s glucose levels. This information was sourced via studies conducted at the Oxford Brookes University.

Where To Find Organic Baobab Powder

You can find baobab powder in the high street from some health stores. However, you never know if the baobab powder you are buying is pure, raw and organic.

You can be safe and assured that our baobab is 100% organic and you can get it delivered straight to you door. To try our organic baobab powder, click here.

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