Best UK Restaurants That Serve Vegan Food, Part 1

Vegan food in the United Kingdom is becoming more and more popular. Some UK restaurants are ahead of the times and have got herbivores covered when it comes to food.

The different styles of restaurants and the way they serve their food are a couple of factors why many tourists love the experiences.

We've drawn up a list of some of the best restaurants in the UK that serve vegan food that you’ll surely love, as they are the most positively-reviewed restaurants by people here in the UK:


Andina London restaurant PandaVita

Andina is the place where you will feel complete again. They are serving vegan foods that are made with the ancient Incan peanuts to quinoa and Peruvian superfoods. Their staff is highly skilled in preparing different vegan dishes.

They add more exciting and different servings, unlike other restaurants. Therefore, you will expect the likes of avocado, amaranth, and asparagus super food stack.

See their website at

Ceviche Soho

Cevich Soho restaurant PandaVita

This restaurant is a hip restaurant that is popular for the citrus-cured fish. The food that they serve is Peruvian which naturally lends itself to vegan dishes. In fact, they are also catering for vegans. Additionally, they have a dedicated vegan menu.

See their website at

Copita del Mercado


This vegan café change their menu every day. They have several vegan dishes that are easy to adapt. Their vegan foods have a combination of nuts and seasoned salads.

You can also try their sweet potato with salsa and peanuts, caramelised fennel or Brava with oranges, pumpkin seeds and black olives. Using these this combinations, they serve vegan foods that have an exceptional taste.

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Dinings restaurant UK PandaVita

For those vegans, Dinings is the perfect place for you. They have many dishes that are vegan and also they specialise in transforming non-vegan foods to vegan foods swapping ingredients but still leaving a magnificent taste.Therefore, you are in excellent hands if you are a vegan.

See their website at

Gauthier Soho

gauthier soho restaurant PandaVita

This is a very high-class restaurant, which has amazing vegan foods. They have their vegetable savouring menu that includes a butternut squash cream with a crispy sage tempura and an heirloom carrot that has wild dandelion leaves and rocket, seasonal sorbet and roasted peach pears.

See their website at

Grain Store

Grain Store restaurant UK PandaVita

The grain store has a vegan-friendly menu. They are popular for treating the vegetables and grains with respect. Their menu is full of easy to change in a vegan fare.

From salads to dehydrated veg and fruits, chilli con veggie with rice to a hot seaweed sushi that has a glazed pak choi and there’s a lot of more dishes that you will want to taste. 

See their website at


Rabbit restaurant Chelsea UK PandaVita

A vegan-friendly cafe that serves amazing vegan food that even non-vegans will love to taste. Many people have their satisfied feedback about this restaurant and about their relaxing ambience.

See their website at

Those were vegan restaurants that have almost 100% positive feedback. Therefore, if you are looking to dine out in a restaurant, which is highly recommended particularly for those vegan lovers, we hope you like these choices. Go pick one and see the food for yourself.

Click here to see Part 2.

If you now of any vegan restaurants you love, tell us in the comments below.

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