Is It Safe To Eat Baobab Powder While Breastfeeding?

Can I Eat Baobab Powder while Breastfeeding?

Breast milk is the most recommended wholesome food for babies. Being inexpensive and readily available, if the mother is well-fed, it supplies the young infant with all the crucial nutrients they need from the moment they are born. Breastfed babies can fight infections and they will develop faster than babies fed from bottle formula.

Today, breastfeeding mothers have a number of options and baobab powder is rapidly becoming a safe alternative. Notably, nursing mothers in Africa have safely relied on the baobab fruit before and during the lactation phase to boost their health and that of the baby.

Baobab Powder Causes No Adverse Health Effects


The advantages of the baobab fruit extracts are countless. For a mother, who is unable to provide sufficient breast milk, baobab powder seems to be nature’s perfect answer. Lactating mothers require plenty of vitamins and minerals to keep the production of breast milk stable.

Since the pulp powder in the fruit is natural, sugar-free and vegan-friendly, there are no adverse effects or harmful elements that can be passed on to the baby; neither can it harm the mother. In fact, baobab superfruit powder provides instant energy that keeps a mother revitalised given the struggles that come with pre and postnatal requirements.

Baobab Powder Is Nutrient Dense


There are several Baobab powder properties that make it not only safe but essential throughout the breastfeeding phase. The growing infant requires a bountiful supply of vitamin C and calcium. Extracted powder has six times more vitamin C than what can be drawn from oranges. It has two times the calcium in milk and it four times the amount of potassium found in bananas. When incorporated in a breastfeeding mother’s diet, this fruit ensures that the baby grows healthy into the future.

Baobab Powder Fights Iron Deficiency Anemia


Baobab fruit contains high levels of iron beating those found in red meat hands down. After delivery, mothers are prone to iron deficiency anaemia. Even though you might be a vegan and you don’t get enough iron supply, this fruit is the ideal solution. Iron helps move oxygen to the blood. In return, it keeps you feeling energised, during the lactation period, nothing can affect breast milk production more than a fatigued, burnt out mum with disrupted brain function.

Baobab Powder Combats Scurvy and Rickets


Growing babies need lots of vitamin C and D for bone development and prevention of scurvy. A deficiency in calcium can cause poor bone and dental formula development in young babies. For those living in areas where the sunshine is inadequate, or if you spend long hours with the baby indoors, the risk can be mediated by making baobab powder the centrepiece of your diet. You can opt for artificial supplements, but it’s advisable to choose natural sources of calcium.

Baobab Powder Supports The Post-Pregnancy Phase


Post-pregnancy nutrition phase is an essential period for the mother and the young baby. It’s important that the immune system is reinforced to ensure the growth of a healthy baby. Other than combating vitamin deficiencies, baobab fruit extracts have been relied upon for the provision of nutrients and minerals that promote the safety of the mother and her baby.

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