Exercise vs. Diet: Which is More Important for Weight Loss?

Guest Post by Peter Minkoff

Exercise vs. Diet: Which Is More Important for Weight Loss?

Even though there are many pressing issues our society faces, like diseases, famine and wars, it is in human nature to worry more about personal rather than global ordeals.

This is why weight loss is one of the topics people are the most passionate about, which brings us to another truth about our species; if you put four people in a single room, you are bound to get at least five different opinions on any subject.

Due of this, even the greatest minds of today still cannot find common ground when it comes to the question of exercise vs. diet – which is more important for weight loss?

Weight Loss Diet

Speaking about improving the numbers you see whenever you step on the scale; it is beyond any doubt that the diet is much more efficient. Still, when coming up with a proper diet, you should be concerned with two things.

The first one is the proportion of your meals, and the ideal ratio would be 30 percent of protein, 40 percent of carbohydrates and 30 percent of fat. A word of caution, this is something you cannot measure in grams, since 1g of protein and carbs contains f 4 calories, while 1g of fat contains 9.

The second one is the amount and the nature of these calories. Olive oil fat is not the same fat you can find in margarine. 

While diet is most commonly associated with just losing calories, it is supposed to be much more. In Ancient Greece, this term stood for a clean eating regimen that was supposed to benefit your entire body, starting with your digestive system.

This is why the backbone of every quality diet should be a healthy breakfast, while some even go as far as turning to vegan food as a solution.

Getting Thin or Shaping Up

With a proper diet, you’re bound to lose weight; however, this calorie loss is not always in your favour. Sure, losing fat may seem like a dream come true, but persevere long enough with this regimen, and suddenly, you’ll start losing muscle, as well.

This is probably the greatest advantage of exercise, seeing how it eliminates fat tissue while toning your muscles.

Naturally, the harder your training is, the more nutrients will your body crave. For this reason, it is most effective to combine workouts with adequate dietary supplementation.

Your organism will need a lot of vitamins and minerals, calcium being one of the most prominent examples.

The most common source of calcium is milk, but people who are lactose intolerant are often forced to look for the alternatives such as organic baobab powder.

It’s Never a Clean Cut

One of the greatest obstacles in coming with the definitive answer is the fact that both exercise and diet differ from person to person.

The same training regimen won’t have the same effect for a person leading sedentary life as it would to their more active counterpart. The same goes for people of different age groups and even different genders.

When it comes to diets, there are many misconceptions, which are today held as almost dogmatic rules. For example, even though every serious study agrees that the number of meals or eating schedule have almost no influence on the outcome of the diet, there is still a popular belief that to lose weight, you shouldn’t eat after 8 pm.

All of this makes people develop false presumptions about which steps helped them lose weight. The only reliable way to know for sure is to measure your weight loss accurately.


In the end, the answer is quite evident. If possible, it would be best to combine the two. Proper eating habits will help you gain a favourable body-weight ratio, while training will allow you to reshape yourself.

Because of this, asking which one is more important is as absurd as asking if it is more harmful to stop eating or to stop breathing.

Blog post written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fitness and health writer at Ripped.me, living between London and Brisbane. Besides writing, he is a total organic living devotee! Follow Peter on Twitter for more health and fitness tips.

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