How Baobab can Improve your Digestive System

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Apart from being known as the most gigantic and one of the longest-living trees in the world, the baobab tree also bears a super-nutritious fruit with antioxidant properties. Although it originates from South Africa, it grows in many other African countries where it’s usually called “the tree of life”.

Not only is it abound with essential vitamin C and vital minerals such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous and iron - which have highly beneficial effects on both physical and mental health - but it also significantly enhances the immune system and reduces inflammation.

Moreover, because baobab is rich in soluble and insoluble fibres, it also contributes to an adequate nourishment of the digestive system which requires them in order to function properly.

It’s the flowing, creamy white powder that makes this amazing fruit a rich source of dietary fibre which can do wonders for both the digestive system and the overall health.

Here are several things you need to know about the powerful effects baobab has on your digestion and gut.

Major Significance of Dietary Fibres

As already mentioned above, our body needs a certain amount of both soluble and insoluble dietary fibres since they are major components of a good gut health.

Soluble fibres dissolve in the water, and they decrease the speed of absorption of particular components such as sugars and fats thus balancing the cholesterol and blood-sugar levels.

Dietary Fibres

On the other hand, insoluble fibres, which are impossible to digest, absorb water and make the food reach the digestive tract faster, thus improving the process of food elimination.

According to research, baobab powder contains up to 50 % of fibre, 75 % of which is soluble fibre. While both fibres are beneficial for our digestive system, we need more of the soluble fibre.

Baobab as a Prebiotic

The source of dietary fibre found in baobab stimulates probiotics to flourish, promotes probiotic bacteria in your system and acts as a fuel to intestinal flora. Essentially, fibre functions as a prebiotic which is highly nourishing for probiotics.

It’s believed that this has a powerful effect on the entire immune system as almost half of it is found in the gastrointestinal tract.

Anti-inflammatory Properties of Organic Baobab Powder

Another positive effect that this multipurpose plant has on digestive health is the ability to lower blood cholesterol levels thus helping to prevent diabetes.

Apart from that, some studies have suggested that consumption of the appropriate amount of fibre significantly affects the heart condition by reducing blood pressure and inflammation.

Anti-inflammatory Properties

The inflammatory disorder also happens as a result of a rapidly growing leaky gut syndrome, which is the term used to describe the condition of inflamed intestinal walls.

Inflamed intestinal walls cause cells to separate thus allowing partially-digested food and bacteria to enter the system. One of the ways to detoxify the body is to eat a healthy diet of various high-fiber foods including baobab powder.

It is one of the most critical components we need to take in order to maintain optimum digestive health.

Baobab and the Weight Loss Effect

Due to a longer period of time necessary for food to leave the stomach, and due to the glycemic response, baobab fruit can be helpful when it comes to controlling one’s weight. It makes you feel sated and prevents overeating.

Moreover, consumption of baobab powder reduces constipation, thus supporting the proper function of digestive system and enhancing your body’s fat-burning capabilities. As such, it can contribute to gradual but not dramatic weight loss.

Blog post written by Peter Minkoff

Peter is a fitness and health writer at, living between London and Brisbane. Besides writing, he is a total organic living devotee! Follow Peter on Twitter for more health and fitness tips.

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