Is Baobab Powder Good For You?


baobab powder

100% natural, nutrient-dense with a deliciously sweet sherbet-like citrusy flavour, baobab is an African superfood with a wide range of health benefits. In fact, the baobab tree is the only plant in the world with fruits that completely dry while on the branch, producing the natural superfood powder normally referred to as baobab powder

A Brief Background About Baobab Powder


baobab trees

The baobab tree is basically native to Africa, but you can also find it in Australia and India as well. For many centuries, many parts of the baobab tree have been used for different purposes. However, most notable, the baobab fruit pulp is the most widely used part of the tree due to its medicinal benefits.

Today, the dry baobab fruit pulp is cleaned and sieved into a powder which - thanks to the amazing benefits of baobab - is then incorporated into numerous health and wellness products. 

Baobab Powder Nutrients and Minerals


baobab nutrients

Baobab powder is naturally rich in minerals and vitamins. A single gram of this superfood powder holds six times as much vitamin C as oranges while the calcium content is twice as much as that of milk. Furthermore, baobab superfruit contains more iron than red meat. But that’s not all…

Baobab powder is also a rich source of minerals like potassium, magnesium, phosphorus and thiamin. Fibre is another dominant nutrient in this fruit. The fruit is actually made up of over 50% fibre, with the fibre content evenly balanced between soluble and insoluble fibre. In addition to this, baobab contains more antioxidants than you can find in any other whole fruit.

Since it’s a natural source of nutrients, baobab is more bioavailable that conventional vitamin supplements; what does this mean? This simply means that your body will absorb the nutrients very easily hence ensuring a greater uptake.

Five Health Benefits of Baobab Powder


Baobab Supports The Immune System

Baobab Supports The Immune System

As we mentioned earlier, baobab is a rich source of vitamin C and, as a result of this high ascorbic content, it is indeed an immune system booster. Combined with the antioxidant behaviour of Vitamin C, baobab fruit powder has the potential to increase your white blood cell count as well as stimulating your immune system to get rid of foreign pathogens. The vitamin C also contributes to the normal functioning of the nervous system as well as psychological function.

Baobab Improves Digestive Health

baobab improve digestive health

Your body needs two types of fibre: soluble and insoluble. Baobab contains just over 50% fibre while containing the two types of dietary fibre in equal measure. These two types of fibre work wonders when it comes to maintaining a healthy digestive system. The dietary fibre in baobab powder helps to optimise the digestive process, reducing inflammation in the gut and regulating the release of glucose and insulin into the blood stream.

It also helps to lower cholesterol levels in the body which ultimately boosts your heart health. Furthermore, the bowel regulating property of dietary fibre is helpful if you are looking to manage your weight. It will help you feel fuller for longer. 

Baobab Prevents Chronic Diseases

Baobab Prevents Chronic Diseases

Baobab is rich in antioxidants which are free radical-neutralizing compounds. Compared to all other whole fruits, baobab fruit has the highest antioxidant strength; hence it has the potential of absorbing a high amount of oxygen radicals. What does this mean? It simply means that baobab powder is in a good position to keep a wide range of chronic diseases at bay. Also, it can prevent some forms of cancer that tend to develop whenever free radicals cause healthy cells to mutate.

Baobab Maintains Critical Fluid Balance

Potassium is a vital mineral found in the baobab fruit. Being a vasodilator, potassium is beneficial for heart health. It helps to ease the strain and to control the cardiovascular system through dilating the arteries and blood vessels hence increasing blood flow and relieving the heart from straining too much. By lowering blood pressure and maintaining fluid balance within the body, potassium helps the body to fight against atherosclerosis, heart attacks, strokes and many other cardiovascular complications.

Baobab Helps Blood Circulation

Baobab Helps Blood Circulation

Iron is another key mineral in baobab powder. In fact, vitamin C increases absorption of iron into the body and its combination with iron yields great benefits. Iron is a very vital component in haemoglobin, which is responsible for transporting oxygenated blood all around the body. The presence of iron in the baobab fruit powder can help to prevent anaemia and as well give you a major energy boost.

Baobab Strengthen Bones

Baobab Helps Strengthen Bones

On the other hand, calcium and magnesium are well-known for their primary role in strengthening the body’s bones and keeping them healthy. Calcium also helps in maintaining the heart rhythm as well as muscle function. The dry baobab fruit powder is well concentrated with these two essential minerals. Therefore, if you are looking to keep your bones strong, healthy and durable, then you should consider including baobab fruit into your health regimen.

Final Thoughts


All in all baobab powder is indeed good for you. It is an excellent way of maintaining a healthy body. However, there has been an increasing demand of this superfood, and as such, many new companies have ventured in producing it.

Therefore, to ensure you get the purest and 100% organic form of baobab fruit powder, it’s important you carry out a thorough research before purchasing any product. Our baobab fruit powder is 100% organic and certified in the UK by Organic Farmers & Growers. So, to save you much trouble of having to go through a horde of websites and products, grab one of our organic baobab powder products now and start reaping the benefits of this amazing superfruit.

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