PandaPicks: Nom Nom Skincare

PandaPicks: Nom Nom Skincare

We discovered an amazing company who provide organic skincare for not only expectant mums and their babies but also those with sensitive and eczema prone skin. They are called Nom Nom Skincare and are run by a wonderful person called Jayne Russell.

Jayne is very passionate about her products and for good reason because she has spent her working life around massage and nutritional therapy for those who are pre and postnatal. Her skincare range has also won numerous awards and has been proven to work.

Jayne was kind enough to have a chat with us about her wonderful company:

Hi Jayne, tell us a bit about yourself...

Jayne Russell founder Nom Nom skincare

I’m Jayne Russell, founder of Nom Nom skincare. I developed my range using my twenty years of experience as a pre and postnatal massage and nutritional therapist. I am also mum to two lovely kids, now teenagers.

Please tell us about Nom Nom.

Nom Nom Skincare logo

I really wanted to share my expertise along with the products to help promote a healthy pregnancy and baby, so Nom Nom brings together award winning, certified organic mum and baby skincare with complimentary massage, nutrition and skincare tips and advice.

Can you give us some info on your products?

Nom Nom Product Range

The range addresses the most common pregnancy and baby skincare issues and includes three pregnancy and three baby products, each with a unique gift set.

The Pregnancy range includes Stretch Butter, Relax Oil and Perineum Balm to support expectant mothers through each trimester with stretch mark prevention, relaxation, birth preparation and labour.

The Baby range includes Baby Butter, an all-purpose balm to protect the delicate skin barrier and soothe sore and dry skin, Baby Oil for massage and cradle cap, and finally Baby Bath to gently cleanse from head to toe.

Why did you create Nom Nom?

Nutrition and massage have always gone hand in hand in my treatments to provide care from both inside and outside and what we use on our skin is an important part of that.I became aware that skin care products often contain potentially irritating and harmful chemicals and there was also confusion over which were truly natural and organic.

As these are especially important considerations for expectant mums and delicate baby skin, I wanted to make things clearer by developing a gentle, effective, certified organic range and worked with feedback from hundreds of new and expectant mums to create Nom Nom.

Who is your skincare aimed towards?

Nom Nom Expecting Mothers

I formulated the range to be safe for expectant mums and their babies, but not exclusively. A lot of my customers use the products on their older children, those with sensitive and eczema prone skin like using the unfragranced products and many women (and some men too) use the pregnancy butter and oil for general use - because they like the smell and how it makes them and their skin feel.

So I now say the range is for pregnancy, baby and beyond - though you probably wouldn’t want to use the perineum balm if you’re not expecting!

What makes your skincare unique?

I would say it’s the ethos of Without Within, which is at the heart of Nom Nom. What is left out is as important as what goes into the range - from choices in ingredients to packaging...and as I’ve mentioned, sharing my therapist expertise with massage, nutrition and skincare advice to support from without and within.

Why did you decide to go organic?

soil organic association

As it is not currently a legal requirement for natural and organic skincare to be certified, there is a lot of confusion. Many companies make misleading claims of naturalness and label products as organic while using minimal organic ingredients.

It was hugely important to me to give clarity, on both counts, so obtaining organic status via the Soil Association and COSMOS was essential to guarantee genuine products. As well as ensuring high levels of organic, plant-based ingredients certification restricts synthetic chemicals and prohibits genetically modified ingredients.

Organic farming also gives protection to farm workers, the soil, water systems and wildlife. My production is given an annual inspection which ensures complete traceability of ingredients and sustainable practice and provides that all important assurance to customers. It was definitely the most difficult and time-consuming part of the initial process, and it’s ongoing, but I feel it is worth all the extra effort.

We heard you've won awards for your skincare! Care to share more about that?

I am so pleased and proud that Nom Nom has gained eleven awards to date, including two golds, two silvers and two finalist awards. Two of the award schemes included a month of testing by pregnant women and new mums, which made those wins especially gratifying.

Nom Nom Skincare Awards

What’s next for Nom Nom?

nom nom wholefoods market

I’m currently focused on increasing the reach of Nom Nom through retail stockists and pre and postnatal therapists, teachers, midwives and mum and baby services. We are now stocked in Whole Foods Market, and our international stockist list is also growing, so the message of Nom Nom is spreading!

In my head, I’m always thinking of new products and formulations, and I look forward to creating the time to expand the range and make this a reality. I can’t give any details yet, but I’m also excited about taking part in a special Soil Association Organic Beauty Week in May!



We recommend you check out Nom Nom Skincare where along with seeing their amazing skincare products, you can sign up for your free skincare guide: “10 Steps to Super Healthy Baby Skin”.

10 Steps to Super Healthy Baby Skin

Jayne was kind enough to offer a 15% discount off your first order of Nom Nom (not including gift sets). Just use the discount code PV15

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