6 Wonderful Health Benefits of Potassium

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Potassium is one of the important macro minerals along with magnesium, sulphur, chloride, phosphorus and calcium. The human body requires at least 1000mg of potassium daily in order to support the key physical process.

Having high amounts of potassium can lessen the risk of stroke, reduce blood pressure, provide protection of the bone inorganic thickness, and help reduce the loss of muscle mass. The primary functions of potassium in our body is to control the electrical activity of muscles and the heart as well as regulating the fluid balance.

Potassium is considered one of the most important nutrients needed by our body because of its numerous benefits. We have listed some of them here:

Muscle Function

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Potassium plays an important role in regulating the contraction of muscles. Having a sufficient potassium level helps regulate and relax the muscles. It improves the nerve and muscle function as well as helping in raises reflex speed as it can promote the neural connectivity of the brain and muscles.


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A muscle cramp is the result of low potassium in your body. This kind of condition is known as hypokalemia. If you eat foods high in potassium like bananas or baobab powder every day, you will prevent muscle cramps from occurring.

Brain Function

brain function

It plays an important role in obtaining the electrical conductivity of the brain and has an effect on improving brain function, like learning and memory. Having a sufficient amount of potassium can help to enhance your brain function.


Potassium has the ability to enhance the metabolic processing of some nutrients such as carbohydrates and fats. Therefore this nutrient has a very important role in extracting energy. According to research, potassium is important when it comes to synthesis of the proteins that has an impact on cell growth, overall balance of metabolism and tissue regeneration.

Stress and Anxiety

Having enough potassium is important for a person who is struggling from unwanted mental states such as stress and anxiety. This is reflected as the great stress buster and it can ensure the effective mental performance of the human body. Potassium has the ability to regulate the hormones in our body including the adrenaline and cortisol.

Water Balance

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Potassium can maintain the optimal fluid balance that we need. The diverse cells need an appropriate balance of water for the effective functioning and the potassium can aid the cells by keeping it stable. Having a balanced fluid level can keep your organics functioning appropriately.

Did you know that baobab powder has six times the potassium content of bananas?

Baobab powder is a fruit powder that is naturally sourced from the fruit of the famous baobab trees. This powder has its unique, pale colour with a sweet, tangy taste. Taking this regularly can contribute to a wide range of benefits because it is packed with nutrients that our bodies need such as magnesium, potassium, iron, calcium, and antioxidants.

Its potassium levels are 6 times higher than bananas, which are usually famous for their high-potassium content. Baobab powder is the most recommended product by nutritionists because of tits high potassium content. This is essential in many aspects of the health of human body including the muscle function and nervous system.

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