Top 10 Health Benefits Of Magnesium

Guest Post by Kanisha Haney

Top 10 Health Benefits Of Magnesium

Are you taking enough or less magnesium? Very few people will answer this question straight away, simply oribecause most people go about their daily endeavours unaware of the health benefits derived from magnesium.  

Magnesium is incredibly useful in your body since it supports several processes to keep you healthy and alive. It is estimated that about 600 chemical reactions in your body are highly dependent on magnesium.

This is the reason deficiency of magnesium is linked to a number of health problems. According to the Nutrition Magnesium Association, about 80% of the people are magnesium deficient, and they are not aware.

Magnesium is a vital mineral, and its list of health benefits is endless. This article will unearth the top ten health benefits of magnesium and back each with a modern scientific research.

1) Magnesium Boosts Exercise Performance

Magnesium Boosts Exercise Performance

Magnesium is a useful mineral that plays a significant role in several body processes that affect the functioning of the muscle system. There is enough scientific evidence magnesium supports energy production, oxygen uptake, and electrolyte balance.

Depending on the intensity of your training exercise your body will require 10-20% increase in magnesium uptake during exercise than when resting.

Magnesium deficiency impacts negatively on exercise performance and makes the adverse effects of strenuous exercise like oxidative stress more conspicuous.

Magnesium plays a vital role in the conversion of glucose into energy in the body. If the right levels of magnesium are maintained, the process of breaking down glucose is accelerated, without causing any exhaustion.

If you are looking to grow muscles and increase stamina, you should keep the magnesium at the appropriate levels in the body.

2) Magnesium Lowers Blood Pressure

Magnesium Lowers Blood Pressure

Magnesium can be used to keep the blood circulation of your body at normal levels. However, this should not be a reason to substitute medical prescriptions with magnesium.

According to a study published European journal of clinical nutrition, increasing magnesium intake reduces systolic blood pressure by 3-4 points and the diastolic pressure by 2-3 points.

This change might not be significant enough to cause a noticeable change in blood pressure of hypertensive patients, but it is good evidence that magnesium influences blood pressure.

Some studies have shown the positive effect of taking supplements with magnesium. Increase your magnesium intake today and surprise your doctor with improved blood pressure the next time you visit for a check-up.

3) Magnesium Supports A Number Of Biochemical Processes In The Body

Magnesium as a mineral is found in the sea, earth, plants, human beings, and animals. It’s ranked fourth amongst the most abundant minerals in your body.

A better part (about 60%) of the magnesium in your body is found in the bones, the rest is found in your muscles, fluids, and soft tissues. It’s also present in at least 300 enzymatic systems in your body.

While in the body magnesium regulates the enzymes and allows them to function properly thereby enabling almost 600 body’s chemical reactions.

Magnesium plays a vital role in the metabolism of adenosine triphosphate (ATP). This makes magnesium an incredible mineral of the energy-producing process.

The interdependence of magnesium and ATP impacts on other body functions like tissue calcification, nerve transmission, muscle excitation, etc.

Other body reactions that rely on magnesium include protein formation, gene maintenance, and nervous system regulation.

4) Magnesium Helps Fight Depression

Magnesium Helps Fight Depression

Depression is caused by many factors, and one of them is the lack of enough magnesium in the body. Magnesium plays a vital role in moods, neuronal membrane fluidity and brain function.

If the levels of magnesium are low in the body, the overall risk of depression increases. According to research, the modern foods (pre-prepared and fast foods) contain less of the vital nutrients including magnesium.

This has been the reason depression has been so rampant, underlining the importance of having a balanced diet.

If you are already suffering from depression increase magnesium dietary or supplement intake will be of great help. Eating grilled lamb regularly might be a good option to solve this problem.

5) Magnesium Protects Against Diabetes

Diabetes develops in your body if you are insulin resistant, increase in magnesium intake reduces resistance to insulin thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

Insulin resistance develops when the liver and the muscles are unable to absorb enough sugar from your blood.

This results in a spike in your blood sugars and the levels of insulin are thrown off thereby causing type 2 diabetes.

Again when the levels of insulin remain high, you start excreting magnesium via the urine. This increases magnesium deficiency and can go a long way in bringing other health problems.

Increasing magnesium intake will help you control type 2 diabetes and a host of other health problems.

6) Magnesium Prevents Migraines

Magnesium Prevents Migraines

Migraine headaches can be debilitating and very painful, usually accompanied by symptoms like vomiting, nausea, and sensitivity to noise and light.

If you suffer from migraines magnesium deficiency may develop due to your body genetic inability to excretion ox excess magnesium, take up magnesium, and renal magnesium wasting.

Eating magnesium-reach meals or taking magnesium supplements will help you solve your migraine problems.

7) Magnesium Has Anti-Inflammatory Effects

One of the causes of obesity, ageing, arthritis, and other chronic diseases is chronic body inflammation which is caused by low levels of magnesium in the body.

Increasing magnesium intake will help reduce chronic inflammation (maintain it acute/beneficial levels) and prevent the occurrence of the chronic diseases in your body.

8) Magnesium Prevents PMS

Women are commonly affected by premenstrual syndrome (PMS) at their child-bearing age. This problem comes with symptoms like tiredness, irritability, abdominal cramps and water retention.

Magnesium improves the moods in women with this disorder and helps to reduce other PMS symptoms.

9) Magnesium Is a Natural Sleep Aid

Magnesium Is a Natural Sleep Aid

Magnesium helps relieve the entire central nervous system functions via the production of a chemical called serotonin. Serotonin is a crucial chemical which plays a vital role in making the brain create a happy and relaxed mood.

When magnesium levels in the body are increased, enough serotonin is produced leading to happy sleep. You can try taking organic baobab fruit powder which is rich in a number of minerals including magnesium.

10) Magnesium Reduces Insulin Resistance

One of the leading causes of type 2 diabetes and metabolic syndrome is insulin resistance. Insulin resistance occurs when the liver and muscle cell are unable to uptake sugar from the blood.

Furthermore, increase in insulin in the body leads to excretion of magnesium via urine To curb this problem increase the intake of magnesium either by dietary means or magnesium supplements.



Blog Post written by Kanisha Haney

Kanisha Haney a renowned blog writer and founder of the FortunateKitchen blog. This blog specialises on food related topics, from ways of making exquisite dishes to food preparation basics. As a self-taught chef, kanisha is driven by passion and curiosity for food blogging. She is on course with her mission to educate readers, besides playing roles as a mom.

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