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What do you want in life? To be happy and healthy? We want that too. That's why we created PandaVita. We aim to help you achieve your happiest and healthiest potential by introducing you to our organic baobab powder, recipes and informative blog posts.

Why 'PandaVita'?

First of all, who doesn't love pandas?! They're cute, adorable and seem so content and happy within themselves. Why can't we all be like that, wouldn't it be great?

'Vita' is of Latin origin, which means 'happy life'. That fits perfectly with what we're trying to do; we are a UK brand who want people to live happy lives because after all that is what everyone is striving towards and some of us just need that extra help to get there.

Why did we decide to sell organic baobab powder?

organic baobab fruit powder PandaVita

Have you heard of the baobab fruit? If you haven't, you aren't alone. This little-known fruit is a staple in African homes, yet people around the world have yet to discover its magic. 

When we heard about it, we were amazed by its benefits. We couldn't believe it had:

  • 6 x Antioxidants of Blueberries
  • 6 x Vitamin C of Oranges
  • 6 x Potassium of Bananas
  • 50% of Fibre Per Serving
  • More Magnesium Than Coconut Water
  • Twice As Much Calcium as Milk

What was more amazing, we thought, was the fact that the average person wasn't consuming this superfruit powder on a daily basis!

We did a little more digging and found that if baobab was to rise in popularity, according to National Geographic, it could create a market worth $1bn for rural Africans. We've all seen those advertisements on TV asking you to donate to help impoverished people in Africa, yet this could genuinely provide an income for over 10 million Africans!

We hope, in the long term, more people discover the magic that is baobab powder.

Our Ethics

pandavita ethics

We give 5% of our profits to charity, and the products we sell are 100% natural.

Why buy from us?

PandaVita is not another company professing to have the next best thing, will change your life within seven days or will give you the meaning of life (we wish!). We understand life can be difficult which is why we are on a mission to make our customers healthier and happier one step at a time.

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