Top Health Benefits of Organic Baobab Fruit Powder

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From liquid diet cleanses to the flaxseed craze, the health world has seen its fair share of trends come and go. But one of them seems to have stood the test of time. We're talking, of course, about baobab fruit which has been eaten by the people of Africa for centuries due to its enormous health benefits.

This underestimated superfood made its way into people's lives in the form of a powder which complements anything from your favourite fruit smoothies to delicious salad dressings; the simplest ways to consume baobab are either by mixing it with water or eating it like a (very healthy) sherbet.

Hidden in that pile of organic baobab powder are powerful nutrients, an awful lot of vitamins and the key to a healthier you. Read on and find out the reasons why our #baobablove grows stronger by the day.

Organic Baobab Fruit Powder – Why It's Super

organic baobab powder

So, why choose baobab fruit powder over any other superfood? One great reason is the fact that Baobab is one of the best sources of vitamin C on the planet. In fact; one study shows that consuming 40g of baobab fruit pulp powder covers 84 to more than 100% of the recommended daily vitamin C intake in pregnant women alone. 

Vitamin C aside, organic baobab fruit powder is also packed with antioxidants and fibre. Well, the jigsaw puzzle of healthy nutrition has multiple pieces, but probably few are as important as these two. From promoting a smooth digestion to eliminating any sign of harmful free radicals throughout your body, baobab's rich nutritional profile sure comes with a lot of health benefits. Let's take a closer look.

The Nutritional Breakdown

baobab powder nutritional information

By now you probably know that certain nutrients are no joke despite their sometimes goofy effects on our bodies. Take fibre for example. Even if this nutrient is, unfortunately, associated with frequent bathroom visits, word on the (science) street is that we need it to lead a disease-free life.

Luckily, baobab powder catches up with the ever-evolving nutritional demands of the human body as it is rich in various nutrients. But, let's break things down a bit:

  • Vitamin C

What's the first food that pops into your mind when you think of vitamin C? Well, if you are anything like (nearly) everyone out there, the answer will be "oranges". But, it's about time you knew the truth. There's a new kid on the vitamin C block, and it packs way more vitamin C than anyone can imagine.

Baobab fruit powder has a vitamin C content of around 266mg per 100g. That's nearly 6 times more than the average vitamin C content of oranges which contain up to 48.5mg per 100g. Not only that, but given we are supposed to consume 90mg of the vitamin daily, it's pretty obvious that baobab powder is exactly what we are looking for in terms of a balanced and vitamin-rich diet.

  • Fibre

More scientific proof that baobab powder is a nutritional powerhouse just keeps coming. In fact, an FDA report suggests that the fruit's pulp powder is jam-packed with pectin which is 'science-talk' for soluble fibre. This report also claims that the amount of pectin found in baobab fruit powder can be as high as 56%! That's more than half of its overall contents. Long story short, #nomorebloating!

  • Vitamin B Complex

A wide range of B vitamins is also found in organic fruit powder. From thiamine (B1) and riboflavin (B2) to niacin (B3) and pyridoxine (B4), research proves that baobab can't help but turn into our go-to source for vitamin B. After all, this is the vitamin which helps us convert food into energy. So, we need to get our hands on it somehow.

  • Potassium

From regulating the electrical activity of the heart and lowering blood pressure to breaking down carbs and including them in a variety of body functions, Potassium plays a significant role in our health. Plus despite common belief, you don't need to go bananas (!) on bananas to keep your potassium levels at bay.

Organic baobab fruit powder also caters to your potassium needs while flaring up your meals and smoothies. In fact, just two tablespoons of the powder contain 264mg of the mineral which is equivalent to 13% of the daily recommended value. That's almost six times the amount of potassium traced in a banana.

  • Antioxidants

According to one recent study, baobab is setting new highs in the superfood industry when it comes to antioxidants. How? It naturally contains twice the amount of antioxidants Acai and Goji berries do.

  • Trace Elements

Calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, iron, manganese and zinc are just some of the trace elements found in baobab fruit powder. From transporting oxygen throughout our body (iron) to boosting our immunity, trace elements play a vital role in our survival.

In fact, some experts claim that a single serving of baobab fruit powder may contain six times the potassium a banana does, and twice the amount of calcium milk does.


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The Superfood Smackdown

Whether you swear by the antioxidant content of Goji berries or believe that oranges are the best thing since sliced bread, we can all agree that superfoods are the greatest excuse to gorge on nutrient-dense and delicious meals without the guilt. However, to set things straight, let's see how five of the most popular superfoods stack up against baobab powder.

Baobab Powder vs. Goji Berries

Goji Berries

Blueberries, strawberries and raspberries are very well known. However, a new berry, known as the Goji berry, has taken everyone by storm. Though what's super about this food? Goji berries not only boost our energy but can also improve our mental sharpness and athletic performance due to the rich fibre content. More importantly, where does baobab stand in all of this?

Apparently, despite the hype, fresh Goji berries stroll don't contain anywhere near as many antioxidants, vitamin C, potassium and fibre as baobab fruit powder does.

Baobab Powder vs. Pomegranates


    Unlike most fruit out there, the pomegranate is not an easy peel-and-eat superfood. But, underneath its tough skin hides a crimson nutritional treasure, potent enough to tackle anything from diabetes and high cholesterol to athletic stagnation. Nevertheless, can a glass of pomegranate juice compete with the antioxidant superpower of baobab powder?

    According to one recent study, no, it can't. 100g of baobab fruit pulp powder contains roughly 25 times more antioxidants than 100g of pomegranate does. Baobab superfruit powder is also richer in minerals such as calcium, potassium, and iron. So, science has spoken.

    Baobab Powder vs. Kale


      Touted as one of the richest sources of calcium and antioxidants out there, spinach's better half, kale, has made a big name for itself these days. So, whether you want to decrease cancer risk or just fortify your teeth and bones, experts can't help but suggest you go green by adding some kale to your diet. Yet is baobab powder a better source of calcium, vitamins, and antioxidants than this green superfood?

      According to science, it is! In fact, Baobab not only contains almost 16 times more antioxidants than kale but it's are also way richer in calcium.

      Baobab Powder vs. Strawberries


        Here is another member of the berry family ready to compete with Baobab and its superfood-y nature. One of the most popular superfruits, due to its intense colour and sweet flavour, strawberries can do much more than just make our snacks taste better. They also pack in an awful lot of vitamin C, fibre, and manganese; much like baobab does. However, which one is a true superfruit?

        The answer is that they both qualify as potent superfruits. It's just that baobab is home to more antioxidants, manganese, fibre and vitamin C than strawberries. And given this, baobab powder is a much more efficient source of nutrients than its fellow superfruit.

        Baobab Powder vs. Moringa Powder

          moringa powder

          Even if this is the first time you have heard about this plant and its beneficial qualities, moringa is slowly turning into a top-shelf superfood. In fact, some people even claim it could be the next baobab. But, where does the truth lie? Although moringa powder features similar nutrients to baobab (vitamin C, fibre, calcium, potassium, and iron, to name a few), it still doesn't reach the nutritional potency of its rival superfood powder.


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          Top Health Benefits of Organic Baobab Powder

          Baobab Fruit Powder Boosts Energy

            Baobab Fruit Powder Boosts Energy

            Fatigue isn't a good look on anyone. So, when that energy slump hits, a natural pick-me-up is always welcome. Hello, baobab powder! Jam-packed with B vitamins, this superfood is good for more than just making our meals taste awesome. It also promotes the conversion of food into instant energy without affecting your glucose levels.

            But, that's just the tip of the iceberg. B vitamins aside, baobab powder is also home to an abundance of nutrients including magnesium, potassium and iron which ensure your energy levels are naturally raised throughout the day. 

            Baobab Fruit Powder Promotes Weight Loss

              Baobab Fruit Powder Promotes Weight Loss

              We are all -more or less- aware of the ramifications of obesity which are associated with metabolic abnormalities such as heart disease or insulin resistance. What most of us don't know, though, is that organic baobab fruit powder may be the solution to this issue.

              According to one study, people whose bodies are packed with vitamin C are likely to burn 30% more fat during their workout than those who didn't receive enough of the vitamin from their diet. That means that vitamin C depleted individuals are less likely to lose weight, no matter the intensity of their physical activity.

              Being the vitamin C powerhouse that it is, baobab powder is an efficient and also super tasty way to stock your body and lose weight down the line.

              Baobab Fruit Powder Prevents Diabetes

                Once again, vitamin C comes to our body's rescue. During a recent study, scientists found out that vitamin C (found in abundance in baobab fruit) has a positive effect on blood glucose, serum insulin and lipids in people with Type 2 diabetes.

                Following the study's findings, experts suggest that as much as 1000mg of vitamin C daily are enough to decrease blood glucose levels and lipids which are responsible for the development of diabetes. So, as long as we receive enough of the vitamin from our diet (anyone for a baobab-packed smoothie?), we shield our body against this common metabolic disease.

                Baobab Fruit Powder Protects Your Heart

                  Baobab Fruit Powder Protects Your Heart

                  Sparked by a few recent studies, vitamin C, which is one of the baobab fruit's primary nutrients, is considered one of the most effective natural ways to reduce the risks of developing any type of cardiovascular disease including strokes, high blood pressure, atherosclerosis and much more.

                  That hypothesis was born given the antioxidant effect of vitamin C on LDL "bad" cholesterol. What happens is that the antioxidants in vitamin C don't allow LDL to oxidise and build up the amount of "bad" cholesterol running through your veins.

                  At the same time, the excessive amounts of soluble fibre which are present in baobab powder also contribute to lowering "bad" cholesterol levels. According to the FDA database, soluble fibre interferes with the fat absorption rate. As it slows down, LDL "bad" cholesterol levels take a dive as well.

                  Baobab Fruit Powder Promotes Skin Health

                    Baobab Fruit Powder Promotes Skin Health

                    Whether it's winter time and chilly temperatures pierce aggressively through your pores or Summertime when the sun turns you into a dehydrated raisin, environmental factors take a toll on your skin. Add ageing into the mix, and you got yourself an emergency skin situation to tend to.

                    Fortunately, nature provides us with various ways to treat ageing and dull skin; this is where vitamin C comes in. According to one study, this nutrient comes with remarkable rejuvenating properties as it promotes the production of collagen and elastin, two proteins which provide your skin with support and elasticity. Ready to look younger and fresher than ever? Then consume more vitamin C!

                    Baobab Fruit Powder Curbs Appetite

                      Baobab Fruit Powder Curbs Appetite

                      Being that baobab powder mainly consists of fibre (around 50% of it), it's no wonder that this versatile superfood can indeed help you control your insatiable appetite. According to research, that occurs due to a variety of reasons: from triggering the production of the satiety hormone, known as cholecystokinin (CCK), to slowing down the rate at which the food we eat is digested and absorbed by the body.

                      Baobab Fruit Powder Reduces Constipation

                        It's true; constipation is an extremely awkward issue to talk about. Even so, you need to know that most of us have been there at some point. So, we are aware how uncomfortable things can get. Luckily, organic baobab fruit powder helps us deal with this issue; the soluble fibre found in baobab powder attracts water, enabling your body to keep things moving which gives you a smooth digestion.

                        Baobab Fruit Powder Shields the Liver

                          Baobab Fruit Powder Shields the Liver

                          Besides the heart and lungs, the liver is one of the most important organs in the human body. Its primary function is to get rid of the harmful toxins. So, it's in our best interest to keep it alive and kicking as long as we live. However, continuous exposure to infectious substances is likely to stack up against this vital organ.

                          Here is where organic baobab fruit powder steps in. The hepatoprotective (ability to prevent damage to the liver) activity of this superfruit is no secret. In fact, one study suggests that people who incorporate baobab in their lives are much more resistant to liver damage.

                          However, the reason why this superfood protects the liver is still a bit unclear. Some experts suggest that it's because of certain chemical compounds found in baobab fruit, such as triterpenoids, that the liver stays intact.

                          Baobab Fruit Powder Protects Against Virus Infections

                            Baobab Fruit Powder Protects You Against Virus Infections

                            What do polio, herpes, and influenza viruses have in common? Simple; they don't stand a chance against baobab powder. How come?

                            Given its ever-increasing popularity, back in 2009, a panel of scientists decided to examine the antiviral potency of baobab leaves, seeds, and fruit pulp individually.

                            Using three different types of solvents (water, methanol, and DMSO), the scientists compared the effects of the baobab parts on infected human cells and concluded that all of them come with potent antiviral properties.

                            Baobab Fruit Powder Minimizes Pain

                              In an attempt to determine the analgesic (pain relief) effects of baobab, experts conducted an in vivo study during which the subjects were administered either baobab fruit pulp or aspirin. Once the study came to an end, the scientists discovered that baobab powder DOES have an analgesic effect when given in the recommended dose.

                              Baobab Fruit Powder Reduces Inflammation

                                Baobab Fruit Powder Reduces Inflammation

                                Get a splinter, stub your toe, eat all the wrong foods all the time and inflammation is there to knock on your door. Inflammation is one of your body's mechanisms to kill off anything dangerous enough to harm your body. This process is completely natural, but when it becomes chronic, things may get out of hand.

                                Given the abundance of antioxidants hiding inside this superfood, you may end up getting more than you bargained for. As these feisty molecules in baobab powder inhibit cell oxidation and get rid of harmful free radicals, your body is less likely to trigger the inflammation process in the first place which means no side effects down the line.

                                Baobab Fruit Powder Reduces Fever

                                  Baobab Fruit Powder Reduces Fever

                                  What's to happen when germs enter the picture and mess up your body's thermostat? High fever, that's what! A fever is a clear-cut sign that your body has shifted into fight mode in an attempt to eliminate any virus or infection which lurks around your cells. In cases like these, aspirin and other medication are our go-to options. But, is there a completely natural way to cool that fever down?

                                  Much like aspirin, baobab powder can help you lower elevated body temperature, according to research. That is why locals in Africa have used this superfruit's pulp powder for centuries to treat high fever symptoms induced by diseases such as malaria or tuberculosis.

                                  Final Thoughts

                                  As more and more people are looking to replace their sugary drinks and fatty snacks with a body-friendly alternative in the name of health, superfoods are slowly gaining steam. The sad truth, though, is that only a few of them are worth the hype.

                                  Luckily, organic baobab powder is one of them, and the multitude of health benefits are the living proof. From treating everyday health issues such as fever or fatigue to preventing severe diseases like diabetes, this superfood has rightfully earned its place in our pantry, and our online store.

                                  But, what about you? Is baobab powder already part of your everyday life? If not, would you consider giving it a try? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below. We can't wait to hear your side of the story!


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