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"You can use the powder in many ways to boost the nutritional content of different meals...The powder’s citrusy flavour is really nice and works well with lots of other types of foods. My favourite way to use Baobab powder is to use it as an ingredient in energy balls."

"So I wanted why did I want to try this “superfood”? Well, I really do not eat what I should. I avoid ripe bananas (yuck I really hate the smell and texture). I have terrible eating habits. This is something I am slowly trying to resolve. I have high hopes that in 2017 I will be able to shift into eating a healthier balanced diet. Including this powdered supplement in my drink and food is one small step towards a healthier, more nutrient rich diet."

"Even though the company says that it tastes like sherbet, I was a little sceptical. I found myself pleasantly surprised. It isn’t too sweet, sour, or sickly. It’s a really mild citrusy flavour, and actually quite nice. It mixes well with water and is a light orangey/yellow kind of colour. After drinking it I definitely feel more energised, and I dare say, happier!"

"I have been nicely surprised when I recently found organic baobab powder and her super powerful benefits. It has six times the amount of vitamin C found in oranges, twice the calcium of milk and five times the amount of potassium than a banana has. The baobab power is the perfect supplement to your pre-workout smoothie boosting your energy above your limits."

"I loved this powder because you could barely taste it in a strawberry, banana and almond milk smoothie! I love the fact it had give me more benefits than just the two fruits from only one teaspoon on the baobab powder...After trying it for a week I did feel my energy levels get better and I've been more fitness motivated as late. I look forward to keep having this in my fitness journey."

"The baobab powder satisfies sweet cravings because it’s tasty and refreshing with cold water – living in Australia, that makes it perfect for the summer weather right now! I’ve found that it helps me digest food better, with admittedly more regular toilet trips. There are many benefits explained on PandaVita but one of them is that the powder supports weight loss in a healthy way: because it is high in fibre."

"Until recently, I had never even heard of Baobab fruit. So, I was a bit hesitant to try it. But when I tried it, it was really good – even just on its own, so that was a two-thumbs up moment. Also, any kind of nutrient that is derived straight from the plant, is much preferable to nutrients created in a lab."

"The Baobab Powder flavour makes it very suitable for fruity drinks: juices, smoothies…it’s not a very strong flavour and the calories per serving are very low so it’s an amazing supplement to a healthy diet."

"I Haven’t yet found a natural energy supplement that compares to this one. First, it makes your whole body stay alert. Secondly, it’s a straight energy source. So, your body doesn’t need to do any extra work to break down and soak in all the goodness (like eating a huge honking bowl of raw almonds or something). Such a small addition of organic baobab powder to your diet can be life changing. Gone are the days of taking handfuls of synthetic vitamins or consuming truckloads of fruit just to get your daily intake of fibre."

"I've been adding baobab to my smoothies and porridge, and it's been lovely. You can add it to energy balls too. You can even have it with just water, which I have to say, it quite nice actually. It's very citrusy so it's similar to a lemon drink. It really is a super food powder and well worth having to add to your morning drinks. Because of the powdered form, you can literally add it to anything."

"The product is indeed like powder, has an intense smell and flavour and can be used in different ways: in cakes, drinks, salad, juices, coffee. The citrusy flavour and the content in fibres, potassium and magnesium give you energy and protect your heart. The potassium level in the baobab powder is even higher than that in salmon or bananas."

"I was impressed with the packaging. The envelope has a rip off seal at the top but then to keep the powder fresh, you have a zip-lock type seal which is a fantastic idea. I did find time to sprinkle a little on my daily cereal (oh how I love my breakfast!). With a bit of a stir, I enjoyed the twist in the taste and I liked knowing that I was giving my day a kick start with the baobab. Great feeling!"

"Only recently I have started to use Baobab powder. I am a sucker for anything that is good for me that I can add to smoothies. It's a simple and easy way to get some goodness into my body! The best thing is there is no "funny" taste - you know that "healthy" taste that you get with super green smoothies? There is no after taste; it blends in perfectly with my chosen fruits."

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