What is Baobab Powder?


what is baobab powder?

Although the rough skin of baobab's fruit's not exactly what you'd call pretty, it's the inside that counts with this exotic superfood. The sweet and tangy flavour of baobab fruit makes it the perfect substitute for sugary desserts and snacks saving you an awful lot of calories.

And since Africa's superfood packs a nutritional punch featuring rockstar nutrients such as vitamin C, calcium, fibre and much more, the variety of health benefits that come with each baobab powder tablespoon are just a welcome bonus. But, hype aside, what is baobab powder? Read on to get the full scoop!

What is Baobab? The Need-to-Know


baobab tree

Unless you've been living under a rock in the recent years, you've probably heard of this new superfood gaining steam, known as Baobab fruit. Pronounced bey-oh-bab, this exotic culinary wonder comes from a tree revered in Africa for its nutritional and medicinal value.

In the scientific world, baobab is also known as Adansonia digitata. According to one report, the genus name, Adansonia, is inspired by the first man who brought baobab seeds to European soil in 1754 after a trip to Senegal. His name was Michel Adanson. Digitata is the word used to describe the shape of the fruit's leaves and actually means "hand-like."

Baobab Trees

However, the guys in the lab coats are not the only ones who refer to this wondrous tree using peculiar nicknames. From "Monkey Bread of Africa" and "Tree of Life" to "Magic Tree," baobab is (undoubtedly) the inspiration behind a variety of unlikely nicknames throughout its existence.

But, perhaps the one nickname that stands out the most is "the upside-down tree." Why? If you take a closer look at the tree, you'll notice that baobab's branches spread out like roots, especially when they are bare of leaves. These root-like branches stick up into the air as if they were planted upside down using the sky as their soil.

What is Baobab Fruit?


opened baobab fruit

Resembling a large mango or a small coconut, baobab fruit is the fruit that grows on the baobab tree. This exotic superfruit has a hard outer shell and usually weighs about 3 pounds. But, it's what's inside that matters the most.

Have you ever wondered what's hidden inside this exotic superfruit once we crack it open? Dried baobab pulp. That's right! The pulp of baobab fruit naturally dehydrates in the shell and sits right there, ripe for our taking.

Despite its dry-like looks, the baobab fruit pulp is a keeper. Between the abundance of antioxidants, vitamin C, fibre, calcium, potassium, etc., the baobab superfruit is a nutritional powerhouse.

How is Our 100% Organic Baobab Fruit Powder Made?


man collecting baobab fruit

As mentioned earlier, the baobab fruit pulp naturally dehydrates while inside the shell. Even though this piece of information doesn't seem of much use to you at first, it's rather important. Why? As the baobab pulp is already dry inside the shell, it requires minimal processing to turn into powder. In its turn, that means that our baobab superfruit powder is 100% organic and still retains all the essential nutrients as they remain intact throughout the extracting process.

Once fully mature and harvested, we scrub the velvety fuzz off of each baobab fruit, so it doesn't get mixed up with the pulp. Then, we crack open the fruit and scoop out what's inside. That is the powdery pulp, fibre, and pulp-encrusted dark brown seeds. Using pestle-like tools, we pound the contents to create a powder-like substance.

female processing baobab fruit pulp

Then, we sieve the baobab superfruit powder twice to obtain maximum quality. During the first sieve, we remove any trace of seeds while during the second sieve we make sure no fibre is left behind.

What is left is high-quality organic baobab fruit powder which is then bagged and sealed into kraft-paper pouches. At this point, the unprocessed, cream-colored baobab powder is ripe for your taking on market shelves. There's nothing better than knowing exactly where your food comes from. Talk about a pure superfood!

But, baobab fruit's journey doesn't end here. Both the seeds and fibre extracted from the fruit are also used for the production of a variety of products. In fact, soaps are made from the ash produced by burning the shells and fibrous tissues of the fruit while the seeds are cold-pressed to extract a rich golden oil used for cosmetic purposes.

What Does Baobab Powder Taste Like?


What Does Baobab Powder Taste Like?

It's not a secret that we get a kick out of turning not-so-healthy things into tributes to healthy nutrition. But, it's also no secret that we are big time fans of occasional indulging. And that's where baobab's punchy flavour steps in.

Not only is this exotic superfood packed with an awful lot of nutrients ready to turn every meal into a bonafide health miracle, but it also comes with a sweet, tangy, citrus-like flavour which is bound to beat the drab effect which boring meals may have on our palate. Anyone for a hit of sweet freshness?

Delicious Ways to Incorporate Baobab Fruit Powder in Your Everyday Life


baobab juice

Whether you are a fan of smoothies or you just love a nutritious pudding as much as the next person, baobab powder's got you covered. This superfood is extremely versatile and can be part of practically every meal in your everyday life. From homemade bread, sauces, jams, and puddings to refreshing drinks, smoothies, and cocktails, you can readily add a tablespoon of baobab powder or two, depending on how much the recipe calls for.


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When is The Best Time to Take Baobab Powder?


what time to eat baobab powder?

While some people can't stand the thought of food when they wake up or late at the evening, some others may be up at the crack of dawn to choke down their favourite breakfast snacks or just stand indecisively in front of their fridge when it's way past midnight. Either way, satiating our hunger is all about personal preference – or maybe not? Is healthy eating a matter of timing?

When it comes to baobab fruit powder, things are pretty straightforward. Every hour of the day is a good time to feast on a delicious dessert, meal, snack or drink infused with the right amount of baobab powder.

However, given the massive energy-boosting effect of this superfood, you can always enjoy it as part of a pre-workout smoothie to amp up your gym performance or an early morning snack to get your day off to a good start.

Traditional Medicinal Uses of Baobab in Africa


Traditional Medicinal Uses of Baobab in Africa

Throughout Africa, the baobab tree and its fruit are regarded with genuine awe by most African people. Some of them even believe baobab is bewitched based on its multiple medicinal uses. On that thought, locals use the various parts of the baobab plant as a panacea to treat (almost!) every disease in the book.

Some of the most documented uses of baobab fruit pulp, seeds, and leaves in Africa include the treatment of fever, tuberculosis, toothache, malaria, diarrhoea, microbial infections, anaemia and tummy issues. In fact, according to one recent report, baobab fruit pulp and leaves, in particular, are widely used as febrifuge and immunostimulant helping sick people get better by the day.

PandaVita organic baobab powder

But, that's just the tip of the iceberg! Fever aside, one study claims that baobab leaves are also used by African people to treat painful swellings as well as urinary tract infections, otitis, insect bites which are a common problem in Africa and internal pains.

Being one of the oldest trees found in Africa, Baobab was bound to become part of the people's lives sooner or later. Fortunately for us, locals experimented with it throughout the centuries and discovered multiple ways to incorporate this superfood into their lifestyle, primarily by using it as a medical panacea. So, what are we waiting for? Why not follow their life-saving example?

Modern Uses of Baobab


Modern Uses of Baobab Fruit Powder

While people in Africa have treated baobab as a cure-all for centuries now, outside countries stayed a little behind on this therapeutic trend. However, in recent years, other countries have slowly but steadily introduced baobab not only to their medicine cabinets but also their kitchen pantries in the form of easy-to-use powder.

In fact, one recent study justifies our excitement to add baobab fruit powder to our everyday meals by establishing the term "superfruit" and referring to baobab as part of this new-found family. The study continues to say that multiple African fruits (baobab included) offer endless health benefits due to their rich nutritional profile.

pandavita organic baobab powder

Delivering an effective range of nutrients such as minerals, antioxidants, vitamins and fatty acids, baobab is indeed a superfruit which can drastically change our lives for the better. But, even though most people gravitate towards the nutritional aspect of baobab powder, this doesn't mean we can't put its medicinal properties to use.

Baobab fruit, the seeds, in particular, are also used to treat irritated skin. According to one study, the oil extracted from the plant's seeds not only moisturises and soothes infected skin but it also prevents the appearance of wrinkles due to the abundance of antioxidants.

Baobab Fruit Powder and Healthy Nutrition


"But, why all the fuss? Why is baobab fruit powder such big of a deal? Is it because of all the nutrients? Newsflash: Every fruit out there comes with a long nutrient list and an even longer health benefits list!"

These are probably the first thoughts that pass through your mind as you hear about baobab fruit powder for the first time. But, is it true that other fruit/foods deliver the same nutrients and health benefits compared to baobab fruit powder? Not likely! Baobab was not labelled  "superfruit" for no reason.

  • Vitamin C

Vitamin C orange fruit

As obtaining the baobab fruit powder involves minimal processing, all the heat- and moisture-sensitive vitamins such as vitamin C remain intact and ready to deliver their full capacity. Given that, just 23g of organic baobab fruit powder are enough to satisfy your daily vitamin C needs and help us get as healthy as we can get.

In fact, one study proves that baobab powder contains six and a half times more vitamin C than oranges, five times more vitamin C than strawberries and ten times more vitamin C than dried peaches and apricots. So, it goes without saying that this superfruit powder can do a lot more than sweeten our snacks.

  • Fibre

Losing weight can be hard, but it's even harder to keep that weight off as time passes by. But, here is where baobab fruit powder steps in and gives an answer to your problem. Jam-packed with fibre, this superfood can help you curb hunger cravings while promoting a smooth digestion. So, as you feel full for longer, you won't struggle to keep that fridge door shut late at night. An FDA report even suggests that baobab powder may even contain up to 56% of fibre.

  • Antioxidants

As a direct result of its high natural vitamin C content, baobab superfruit powder is also an excellent source of antioxidants. From helping us fend off microbes and viruses to preventing cell damage due to oxidation, antioxidants play a significant role in our overall health. One study even suggests that baobab powder carries twice the antioxidants two of the most popular superfoods contain, Acai and Goji berries. So long, cancer!

  • Potassium

Potassium bananas

Even though bananas are the signature fruit of potassium, baobab fruit powder begs to differ. One table suggests that the amount of potassium in baobab powder may vary based on the origin of the baobab tree. But, despite that, the potassium concentration in baobab fruit powder is six times higher than in bananas.

Baobab powder is also rich in several other nutrients including calcium, B-complex vitamins, iron, magnesium, phosphorus, manganese, and zinc. Every star nutrient is in on the action!

Health Benefits of Baobab Fruit Powder


We've all been there: reading through a food label only to find out that there is not a chance in hell you'll ever figure out what these nutritional jargon mean. Rest assured, though, that this will never be an issue when it comes to baobab fruit powder.

Firstly, because our baobab powder is 100% organic, and secondly because we are here to spill the beans about how it can benefit your health.

  • Baobab Powder Supports Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Containing enough fibre to keep you full for longer than usual, baobab powder is the answer to those late-night tummy rumblings. Not only can it curb your cravings and help you lose weight, but the fibre present in this superfood also promotes your digestive health.

In addition, according to one study, people whose bodies are packed with vitamin C are likely to burn 30% more fat during their workout than those who didn't receive enough of the vitamin from their diet. That means that vitamin C depleted individuals are less likely to lose weight, no matter the intensity of their physical activity.

  • Baobab Powder Helps Protect The Liver

Liver Protection

These days it feels like we are bombarded with unhealthy food choices, tons of medication and ongoing exposure to pollutants whether they come from the environment or the food we consume. The outcome? Our liver gets it!

Being responsible for detoxifying our body, things can get a bit too much for the liver if we are regularly exposed to harmful toxins. In an attempt to keep us healthy, it shifts to overdrive mode. Unfortunately, most of the times it fails to keep up with the ever-growing needs leading up to unpleasant diseases.

Organic baobab fruit powder is here to lend a hand to this precious organ and save it from shutting down altogether. While antioxidants may play a significant role in the hepatoprotective activity of baobab, one study proves that several other chemical compounds contribute to our liver's health.

  • Baobab Powder Boosts Energy Levels

Energy Booster

According to one study, the pulp from which baobab fruit powder is made contains non-starchy sugar which is a great source of energy. Composed of roughly 75% of carbs, this sugar content converts into instant energy as soon as you ingest it.

Everyone knows the importance of a quick and natural energy boost, whether your work schedule is hectic (to say the least) or you just need to enhance your performance before you hit the gym.

  • Wait, There's More!

Keep in mind that these few health benefits are just a drop in the ocean. If you want the full scoop, take a closer look at the top health benefits of organic baobab fruit powder.

Final Thoughts


In true PandaVita fashion, we decided to cut through all the misleading hype and get to the bottom of the nutritional wonder known to us as baobab superfruit powder. Luckily, research and everyday practice alike prove that we were right from the start. Baobab fruit powder is indeed a superfruit!

Between the multiple health benefits, the wealth of nutrients, the versatility, and the amazing taste, baobab powder has everyone hooked these days and for a good reason. After all, it's not every day that you run into a food that not only promotes your overall health and makes your meals taste awesome but is also 100% organic and easy to use.


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